Texas Cop Not Charged Despite Video Of Him Beating Man In Jail

Video has emerged showing a Texas police officer beating a man arrested for alleged assault and public intoxication at Garland Detention Center.

According to Noah Lofquist, he was arrested at a hotel and began mouthing off to Officer Donald Fernandez on the way to jail. He even challenged him to remove his handcuffs so the two could fight.

After arriving at jail, Fernandez took Lofquist’s handcuffs off and lost his temper. Surveillance footage released last week showed Fernandez grab Lofquist by the neck and push him into a stairwell.

The officer began punching Lofquist in the face while other officers held him back by both arms. The cops then took Lofquist to the ground but not before Fernandez delivered a knee strike to his head.

The beating, which included seven punches and the knee strike, resulted in Lofquist having to get eight staples to close a gash in his head. He also suffered a black eye.

“It kind of seemed a little surreal at the time,” Lofquist said. “I have a lot of respect for the good police, but the bad ones like [Fernandez], he gives them all a bad name.”

Following the incident, the Garland Police Department launched an internal affairs investigation that resulted in Fernandez receiving a 56-day suspension. He was not criminally charged.

During the investigation, audio recordings were also obtained from Fernandez that showed he had a few choice words for Lofquist. He even bragged about beating him up to his partner.

“The whole way here he was talking shit,” Fernandez said to his partner. “I got him solid.”

“Yeah he was talking shit, you took the handcuffs off, he talked some more shit, then he fucking spun,” his partner responded.

Following his suspension, Fernandez resigned from the Garland Police Department and now faces another unrelated internal affairs investigation. His partner received a three-day suspension for his involvement in the beating of Lofquist.

After spending a week in jail Lofquist said he felt that the suspension was not enough and maintained that Fernandez deserved criminal charges.

“This type of behavior is obviously unacceptable,” a Garland Police spokesperson said. “The expectations of our officers is very clear to do what’s right.”

Local news coverage containing raw footage: