TSA Agent Charged With Stealing $5000 From Passenger

A TSA agent has been charged with grand theft after stealing $5000 from a passenger at Orlando International Airport.

According to a TSA spokesperson, Alexander Shae Johnson was arrested Thursday night after Kathleen Duddleston, 22, was stopped for additional screening when she entered the TSA checkpoint.

During the pat down, Duddleston couldn’t see her bag and told TSA security officer Michelle Metz she couldn’t find it.

Metz moved her luggage closer and Duddleston complained. Johnson, who was also in the checkpoint area, then stepped aside so she could see it more clearly.

Following the pat down, Duddleston reached for her bag and could not find her money. According to police, she noticed a bulge in Johnson’s left front shirt pocket.

When confronted, Johnson said he got the money from the bank. Duddleston then told Metz that she thought Johnson took the cash from her luggage.

A supervisor was then notified of the situation who examined surveillance footage that showed Johnson reached into her bag.

That video has not been released but Johnson was arrested and charged with third-degree grand theft. He is now out on bail from the Orange County jail.

According to a TSA statement, “the agency reported the allegation to OPD and we aggressively investigated the incident with our law enforcement partner. . . We immediately ended the federal career of this individual.”

The TSA is probably one of the most inept and ridiculous government agencies on the face of the planet and has been disgraced time and time again by its almost-total failure in covert security audits.

One of the most glaring of note was an undercover inspector general investigation conducted last year, which found that body-scanners and agents missed banned items, including explosives, 95 percent of the time.

Adding further insult to injury, an inspector general report has revealed that 73 of the TSA’s workers were on the Dept. of Homeland Security’s “Consolidated Terrorist Watchlist.”

In addition, the agency also excels at hiring pedophiles and violent criminals, and takes pride in the plethora of sexual assault complaints levied against agents.

Theft by TSA agents is not uncommon. According to a report, 16 of the top 20 airports for TSA theft firings are also in the top 20 airports in terms of passengers.

  • Draco

    TSA searches are unconstitutional in the first place. We have the right to travel without being molested by these idiots.