UK Schools Threaten Parents With Police, CPS Over Video Games, Facebook


16 schools in England are threatening to call police and child protective services on parents if they allow their children to play video games and use social media.

Principals from the schools sent letters to parents saying games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, as well as social media sites like Facebook, are directly responsible for the kids displaying “oversexualized behavior” in school.

“Several children have reported playing or watching adults play games which are inappropriate for their age and they have described the levels of violence and sexual content they have witnessed.” the letter says, adding that “Call Of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Dogs Of War and other similar games are all inappropriate for children and they should not have access to them.”

“If your child is allowed to have inappropriate access to any game, or associated product, that is designated 18+ we are advised to contact the police and children’s social care as this is deemed neglectful.” the letter continues.

The letter also warns that even allowing children to access social media sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp would be reported to the authorities.

“Access to these games or to some social media sites increases early sexualised behaviors (sometimes harmful) in children and leaves them vulnerable to grooming for sexual exploitation or extreme violence,” the letter claims.

The letter:


While it is true that the video games contain adult themes, having compulsory government schools lecture parents about how to raise their children while threatening them with arrest and child kidnapping is atrocious.

“Accepting the huge concerns about these violent games and their effect on children, I think the schools are stepping outside the realm of what is probably acceptable.” Margaret Morrissey, of parents’ advocacy group Parents Outloud, said.

Children are 10-12 times more likely to be abused, sexually assaulted, raped, or murdered while in CPS custody.