Video: Chicago Police Destroy Neighborhood Basketball Hoop


Video has emerged showing a Chicago police officer angrily destroying a basketball hoop in the cities Little Village neighborhood.

The video, posted to social media, shows an on-duty officer slamming the basketball rim into the ground over and over before placing the goal in his marked SUV and dragging it down the street.

Police say they have received calls in the past from motorists complaining the goal and players were blocking the street.

Diego Chavarria, who shot the video, says he feels the officer was abusing his power.

“He seemed kind of upset about something,” Chavarria said.

Local, Noe Silva, says neighbors have been shooting hoops in the street there for years and when a car comes, they move.

“He stopped, got out and broke the rim and took off with it,” Silva said.

The Chicago Police Dept says it is investigating the incident.

The broken hoop was returned to the neighborhood.

Local news coverage containing raw footage: