Unidentified Fort Lauderdale police officer slapping man in face

Video: Cop Assaults Man For Attempting To Use Pubic Restroom


Video has emerged of what appears to be a Fort Lauderdale police officer assaulting a man for attempting to use a public restroom.

The footages shows an elderly man walking slowing through Broward Central Bus Terminal in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Flordia. An unidentified officer follows closely behind, slipping on latex gloves.

The officer grabs the man’s arm and the man jerks away. The officer then pushes the man to the ground.

“Fuck you!” the man shouts at the cop from the ground.

The officer responds by pointing his finger at the man and saying, “Relax. I’m telling you right now what’s gonna happen. I’m telling you right now what’s gonna happen. I’m escorting you out right now.”

“I want to go pee,” the man begs.

“You’re not going to go pee,” the cop answers. “You’re not supposed to pee here.”

The footage then shows the cop smack the still seated man in the face for refusing to get up. “Im not f***ing playing around!” the officer shouts.

The officer then accuses the man of “trying to fight [him],” which the video clearly shows did not happen.

“I tell you what to do and you do it. It’s that simple,” the officer says after placing the man in handcuffs.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department has yet to comment on the incident.

Watch the raw footage: