Unidentified Phenix City police officer shoving 17-year-old high school student Cameron Rader to a railing just moments before pepper spraying the nonresistant teen

Video: Cop Pepper Sprays Student At High School Football Game For “Pushing Him”


Video taken at an Alabama high-school football playoff game between Prattville High and Central-Phenix City shows a Phenix City police officer grabbing and pepper spraying an apparently peaceful student spectator.

The footage shows Cameron Rader, a 17-year-old senior at PHS, being shoved back through a crowd of students to a railing. There, as the teen stands with his hands by his sides, the officer sprays him in the face.

“I had my back to this officer talking to a girl who was standing behind me,” Rader said. “The cop yells at me — ‘Hey son’ — and tells me, ‘Push me one more time.’ I told him I didn’t push him, and he like freaked out.”

“I was telling him to get his hands off me, to stop touching me, and then I asked what I did,” Rader said. “You can see that on the video. I have my hands by my side. I’m being compliant and he keeps pushing me. That’s when he maces me. I couldn’t breathe. It was in my throat and nose and the fumes were burning my eyes. And it hurt for a long time.”

Watch the raw footage:

Rader says the incident began when Phenix City police officers asked several Prattville students to back away from a railing in the stands. Rader said he wasn’t standing by the railing, but once that row of students moved back, there was no one between him and the police officers.

“This cop in front of me is just staring me and my friends down for absolutely no reason and saying things like, ‘I’m not a cop you can mess with,’ and I just started laughing, because it was crazy,” Rader said. “When I laughed, he said, ‘Oh, you think this is funny? Do you see me laughing?’ I told him no sir.”

Rader said the brief confrontation ended at that point and he turned to begin talking with a female student behind him. A few seconds later, he said the officer accused him of the push.

Rader and his parents have retained attorneys and say they want to know that the situation is properly addressed. Lawyers says they plan ask the Alabama Bureau of Investigations to review the video and formerly investigate the incident.

“When you detain someone as they did, that’s arrest,” one lawyer said. “It appears to me that possible criminal conduct occurred on behalf of this officer, and I want someone to examine that.”

After Rader was accosted, he was taken out of the stands and into a parking area where several police cruisers were parked. He was ultimately released without being jailed however, after his schools principle intervened with the officers.

Radar maintains he never touched the officer.

Police State Daily attempts to reach Phenix City police were unsuccessful.

  • guest

    I think the kid didn’t like being told what to do because the kid didn’t see anything wrong with what he was doing, however if the officer’s job is to keep kids away from the railing then the kid should have listened. This boy claims he asked someone if he can be there and was told yes but does not say who told him that, how very convenient for him. He claims the officer’s back was to him when he was shoved but nowhere in the video do I see the kid or the officer with their backs to each other as the kid claims. It looks to me as if the kid did shove or try to touch the officer and the officer responded.

  • Skye C

    Seems like most police officers have an inferiority complex. I don’t think the kid deserved to get maced. If, and that’s a big if, the kid did something wrong, there were other ways that the officer could have handled it especially since the video shows that when the officer had the kid on the railing, the kid had his hands down. At that point, the officer should have just led the boy out of the stadium, not maced him. People wonder why youth have such a distrust towards the police! This is a prime example why.

  • Jonathan

    Cops are dangerous anywhere you put them. Who lets them into sports games? Why. Get rid of them. They and the mayors are robbing peoples and endangering their lives.