Video: Cop Violently Wrestles Mother to the Ground, Pries Mouth Open to Retrieve Tylenol Taken in Court Waiting Room


Disturbing footage has surfaced of an Ohio Deputy violently throwing a woman to the ground and attempting to pry her mouth open after she took a prescription Tylenol.

Siobhan Householder, 35, of Akron, was in a holding area waiting to make a court appearance when she took the medication for a tooth infection.

Surveillance footage shows Summit County Sheriffs Deputy Eric Vaughan wrestle the mother of three to the ground and proceed to violently remove the medication from her mouth.

Slamming her head into the floor and pulling her hair, Vaughan straddles the female and tries to pull her teeth apart.

At one point, as the officer has Householder mounted, he picks up her prescription bottle from the floor and casually observes that it is in fact Tylenol. This does not stop him from continuing the onslaught.

After calling for backup, four additional officers quickly raced to the scene to assist. One can be seen aiding Vaughan by mounting the girls back and handcuffing her while he puts his knee on her upper shoulder and neck.


Householder said she suffered a bruised chin, cuts inside her mouth, bruises to her legs, and some hair loss.

“They were acting like I wanted to escape from Alcatraz. It was awful,” she said.

The incident took place in a prisoner-holding room in domestic relations court where Householder said she was told to wait while a warrant was being lifted on a charge of “failure to appear.”

Householder was taken to a hospital ER to be treated for her injuries where she was released with summonses on charges of resisting arrest and obstructing ‘official business.’

Householder says she did not know she had technically been ‘taken into custody.’ After all she was there on her own accord. She says she felt ‘free’ to take her prescription medication.

Sheriff’s Inspector Bill Holland, speaking on behalf of the department and deputy, said Vaughan was initially ordered to take Householder into custody, reports the Akron Beacon Journal.

A sheriff’s spokesman said that Householder was in custody and was stopped from taking the medication “for her own protection.”

Jail records show Householder was “remote booked and released on the domestic relations case” that same afternoon.

Deputies say the ensuing search yielded nine prescription Tylenol, two diazepam tablets, and 26 ibuprofen tablets kept in a sandwich bag.

Householder disputes police assertions that they also found three additional unknown pills in a latex glove. She did not receive any drug charges.

It is not clear if Householder will sue the department. Efforts seeking comment made by Police State Daily were unsuccessful.

An internal affairs investigation has been launched.