Video: Georgia Man Moving Into New Home Slammed On Ground By Police For Being Suspected Prowler


Dhoruba Bin-Wahad, an African-American Atlanta area man, has filed a formal complaint against Clayton County authorities regarding a May 2 incident when police were called to his residence by neighbors reporting a “suspicious” person.

“I assumed — apparently incorrectly, and naively — that they were pursuing someone on foot that had fled through my yard, and I was unaware of it,” the elderly 69-year-old said at a press conference Monday, reports WAGA after video surfaced showing police slam him on the ground and hand cuff him for attempting to move into his own home. “I thought that that’s why they had their guns drawn.”

According to the police report, officers described Bin-Wahad’s behavior as “uncooperative and verbally argumentative,” saying he refused to sit down when ordered to do so – and took “a bladed stance with his right side of his body” during the confrontation.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that another witness thought Bin-Wahad was a “pervert trying to look at her or her children from the vacant location through the woods.”

“When I came out of the house, the first thing I said was that ‘I’m moving in. I have the key,’” Bin-Wahad said Monday. “They asked me why was my car in the back. I said, ‘It’s my house. I was loading boxes.’”

The footage shows Bin-Wahad eventually sitting down and making no aggressive motions toward the officers before being grabbed, dragged to the ground, and handcuffed.

The video, which does not contain audio, shows officials eventually leaving the scene without making an arrest.

“The way they treated me, I think, is indicative of how the police behave in the poor and Black communities,” Bin-Wahad said.

Clayton County Police did not respond to an Appalachian Area News request for comment.

The police report does affirm however, that Bin-Wahad’s head and left shoulder did hit a brick wall.

Raw Footage: