Saratoga Sheriffs Deputy Shawn Glans

Video: Officer Harasses, Slaps Legal Gun Owner


A New York state sheriff’s deputy was suspended without pay after being filmed harassing a gun owner and slapping the man in the in the back of the head.

The footage shows Saratoga County Deputy Shawn Glans demanding to search Colin Fitch’s vehicle. The video was posted by Fitch’s friend Adam Roberts following the encounter early Friday morning.

“We’ll get a f*cking search warrant, alright?” Glans says to Fitch. “Wanna do that? Let me see your f*cking keys.”

When Fitch asks why Glans wanted the keys, Glans s ays, “I’m going to search your f*cking car, that’s why.”

“You can’t do that,” Fitch says in response.

According to Roberts, Glans wanted to search the car after seeing a rifle in the backseat while Fitch and Roberts were not present. Roberts says he and Fitch had shown their identification to Glans, and Fitch told the deputy that he had purchased the weapon legally.

“You wanna f*cking resist?” Glans asks Fitch. When Fitch says he is not resisting, a loud slap can be heard before Glans asks again, “You wanna f*cking resist?”

Fitch then apparently hands his keys to Glans, who tosses them to someone off-camera and says, “Search the f*cking car.” Glans then calls Fitch an “a*shole.”

“That was intense,” Roberts says.

“You like that, huh?” Glans asks him. “I can get a lot more intense, believe me.”

“Slap me around?” Robert asks.

“Yeah,” Glans says. “I’ll rip your f*cking head off and sh*t down your neck.”

The search allegedly ended when Fitch showed Glans his receipt for the rifle.

Chief Richard L. Castle said in a statement that Glans was suspended without pay after officials were alerted to the footage of his encounter with Fitch and Roberts.

“At this time this is an internal personnel investigation as there is no criminal complaint from the involved civilian,” Castle said.

Watch the raw footage: