Unidentified New Rochelle police officer drawing down on youths involved in snow ball fight

Video: Officer Responds To Teenage Snow Ball Fight With Gun Drawn – “Dont F***ing Move”


Video has emerged of a police officer in New Rochelle, New York drawing his gun on two teenagers who were filming a snow ball fight for a YouTube video.

“Don’t f***ing move, guys,” the officer says to a teen on his knees with his hands up as he points his gun at him. The footage then shows the officer patting him down as onlookers in the background watch.

The officer then pats down the boys compatriot.

“This group of guys was having a snowball fight,” the woman filming the incident says. “And now, the cop has a gun on them.”

The officer is then seen telling the youths to get up and move along. He was investigating a 911 call reporting a gun, local reporters say.

The New Rochelle Police Department did not return Police State Daily requests for comment.

Watch the raw footage: