West-Goshan Township Police Officer detaining an African-American male after he asked for a ride home

Video: Police Arrest Black Man For Asking For A Ride


Video recently uploaded to Youtube shows officers with the West-Goshan Township Police Department in Pennsylvania arresting a non-agressive African-American male who asks one of the officers for a ride home.

The footage starts by showing an unidentified black man walking with a West-Goshan police officer by a convenience store on 706 East Gray Street in Chester Pennsylvania after asking him for a ride home because he was too drunk to drive.

Instead of doing what most any cop would have done 20 years ago and given the man a ride, the officer tells the man to place his hands on his patrol car and caresses his gun.

After a brief pat down, the officer transitions the man to the other side of of his cruiser and speaks with him before handcuffing and arresting him.

Two other police cars arrive on scene moments later.

“Three? Three cars to arrest one black guy who is drunk trying to find a ride home?” the man recording the footage can be heard saying. “This is absolutely pathetic… You guys are cowards.”

“What was he asking for?” one bystander can be heard asking.

“All I know is that he was walking around here. He was a little intoxicated but he was just asking people for a ride home so he [didn’t] have to drive and they just decided to arrest him,” the man recording the footage says.

“They got him on the other side of the building. They were like, ‘you’re detained, you are coming with us, get in the car’ and then they searched him.”

After a few moments the citizen journalist approaches two of the officers and presses them about the arrest.

“Why are you unlawfully detaining this man? All I understand is that he was asking fora ride,” the man asks the officers. “But you guys are just going to be cowards. No comment?”

“No comment,” one officer says.

“Alright, no comment, you’re cowards,” the man brazenly asserts before walking away. “Pathetic cowards.”

Watch the raw footage:

The man was clearly not being aggressive or threatening to the officers in any way.

Attempts to contact the West-Goshan Township Police Department for comment on the incident, the identities of the man arrested and the arresting officer, as well as the charges filed against the man were unsuccessful.

This page will be updated as that information becomes available.