Lavall Hall

Video: Police Kill Another Mentally Ill Man After Mother Calls For Aid


Dashcam footage of a mentally ill Florida man killed by a police officer in Miami Gardens was released Wednesday.

25-year-old Lavall Hall was shot and killed by officers in February of this year after his mother called 911 for help with her son, who was schizophrenic.

Former police chief Stephen Johnson said the officer opened fire after Hall attacked two officers with a broomstick but lawyer Glen Goldberg said the video contradicts Johnson’s narrative.

“It is a bombshell, it does not corroborate what the City of Miami Gardens police chief had said,” Goldberg said.

In the video, Hall’s mother Catherine Daniels can be heard begging officers “please, don’t hurt my child, please” off-camera.

An officer is heard saying “he’s walking with a broom and he’s walking around in his underwear. Ever time I go near him, he walks away” before the fatal encounter.

“I was devastated to see that it happened like that,” Daniels said.

NAACP representatives pointed out that the incident was not the first time Hall’s mother called police to the home, noting that Hall had been safely committed under the Baker Act just a week prior.

Miami Gardens Police said they were required to release the video to Hall’s family but said they wouldn’t comment further because it remains an open investigation.

“It is our position that the practices and procedures employed by the City of Miami Gardens were far below the standards in our community,” Goldberg said.

Though the shooting was not completely captured on screen, the footage appears to show the officer firing downward suggesting Hall was already on the ground.

“Right here, he was right here,” Daniels said. “He had handcuffs on him — dead. We need some help, we need justice. Lord, strengthen me, they took my baby for no reason.”

The family of Hall has already filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and police department. The officer involved remains unidentified.

Local news coverage containing raw footage: