Baltimore Police Officer Vincent Cosom connecting the first of many blows to the face of 32-year-old Kollin Truss.

Video: Police Officer Repeatedly Punches Loitering Suspect in the Face


A June 15 altercation captured by a City of Baltimore surveillance camera shows Baltimore Police Officer Vincent Cosom repeatedly punching a man in the face who was accused of loitering at a store.

32-year-old Kollin Truss was arrested and the investigation is ongoing but a $5 million lawsuit has been filed against the city.

Officer Cosom’s incident report says an intoxicated Truss was loitering outside a Charm City liquor store. Cosom says Truss “yelled an obscenity” at him when confronted.

The surveillance footage, which doesn’t have sound, shows Truss and his girlfriend walking away from officers and crossing the street. Officers follow closely behind.

The video then shows Truss and his girlfriend discussing the situation. It is at this point that Cosom, a six-year-veteran, claims Truss pushed the woman “three times” – an affirmation the video appears not to support.

Cosom also claims Truss punched him once in the stomach.

From his report:

“At this time I went to place the male under arrest. He got into a fighting stance and clenched his fist. Me and the male got into a physical altercation due to me being in fear of my safety and I received a punch to the body.”

Raw Footage:

The footage shows Truss looking down and attempting to walking away, when Officer Cosom moves in and punches him in the face.

Truss falls back onto a bus stop as Cosom lands more punches to his head and face. While another officer holds one of Truss’ arms back, Cosom continues to land uppercut blows to.

After the violence, Truss was placed under arrest and charged with assault and resisting arrest.

Baltimore Police say an internal investigation has been launched.

All charges against Truss have been dropped. He is now perusing a $5 Million lawsuit against the city.

Officer Cosom remains on active duty.