Tulsa Police pepperball man sleeping in his car

Video: Police Pepper Ball Sleeping Man Waiting For Girlfriend: “Didn’t Know His Intentions”


Video has emerged showing Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma pepper balling a man sleeping in his car after an hour and a half ‘standoff’ in the parking lot of Woodland Hills Mall.

Officers say a mall security guard called them after noticing a man with a handgun on his lap sitting in a Dodge Charger parked on the west side of the mall at about 1:30 a.m.

Officers surrounded the car and knocked on the car’s windows but got no response.

Police secured the area and after about a hour, officers fired pepper balls at the car.  23-year-old Stephen Scyffore of Tulsa was charged with resisting arrest and possession of a firearm.

Police said that is when Scyffore, claiming he had been asleep, got out of the car and was arrested.

Watch the raw footage:

“We didn’t know his intentions,” Tulsa Police Cpl. Mike Hanley said in a local news interview. “When we got him out of the car, he didn’t appear to be on any drugs or anything.  Claims he was sleeping the whole time.  Never heard the announcements… Never got hit with a ball, just got the effects of the pepper itself, which again, that worked.”

Police say Scyffore claimed he had fallen asleep waiting for his girlfriend to get off work at the mall.

He is being held on a $10,500 bond. He will appear in court November 21.

Local news coverage:

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    What damage was done to the car from the pepper balls??? Then charged with resisting arrest and possession of a firearm. Pretty weak considering the cops escalated the whole thing.

  • Rando

    This dude was a crack dealer who shot a woman execution-style and is being held on first-degree murder charges. Just sayin’.

  • ricardo

    Should have used live rounds on his murdering ass, then at least one woman would still be alive. Still don’t understand why he was allowed back on the streets, when you consider his felony record. What’s wrong with the criminal justice system? This guy had all the markings of a deadly predator, yet some judge let him back on the streets. Now a life is lost at his hands, but get caught with a ounce of weed, then they lock you up for 15 years. Go figure. Duh!

  • Bree Comptons Finest

    This is all false he wouldnt do this he may have been a dearler but all these years ive known him hes never been a killer he didnt kill that girl he didnt pull the trigger hes innocent desite whats on gis record smh where the evdients again????