Officer Commencing Mass Search of entire Cahoots patronage and staff

Video: Police Search EVERYONE in Kentucky Bar ‘Raid’


Video has emerged showing Kentucky police searching patrons of a popular bar with impunity during an Alcoholic Beverage Control Department operation in Louisville.

The footage, captured at Cahoots, shows officers with the Allen PD detaining and frisking both employees and staff after informing them that they were all about to be searched.

“Show of hands, who has something on them they shouldn’t have,” one officer asks. “We’re going to start over here in this corner. We’re going to work our way around. And if we go by – if you’re clean – you’ll get to go out the front door.”

The man recording the footage can be heard saying “wow, is this really happening,” in disbelief as officers begin searching everyone in the establishment.

Watch the raw footage:

Local residents and legal analysts find the footage troubling. Local attorney, Thomas Clay says police actions were down-right illegal. “There are a number of troubling aspects about the video,” Clay said. “Including the fact that the officer told everybody [they] couldn’t leave. He told them to cut off their video then proceeded to tell everybody, ‘We’re gonna search everybody here.'”

“Its a real problem,” Clay says. “There was no search warrant. There was no exigent circumstances. They weren’t looking for weapons. And to me it appears the actions of this officer appear to be illegal and unconstitutional.”

Police say they were assisting the Alcoholic Beverage Control Department of Metro-Government and the incident “isn’t their case.”

Police also originally said the “raid” was conducted as part of an operation concerned with the status of Cahoots’ “liquor license.” After the footage went public, however, Police State Daily spoke with a Alcoholic Beverage Control Department spokesperson who said police had made a controlled narcotics buy from inside the building prior to their entrance.

At least two arrests were made. Cocaine, Marijuana, pills, and an electronic scale were found at the scene, the spokesmen said.

Local Coverage from WDRB: