Video: Police Tase Man Walking On Train Tracks For ‘Own Safety’


The Police State… protecting you from yourself by hurting you…

Surveillance footage has emerged showing a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority police officer tasing a man who would not remove himself from the train tracks at Jefferson Regional Rail Station, Monday.

The footage shows the unidentified man, who police say was having a mental breakdown, walking on the tracks then jumping onto an elevated divider after an officer concerned for his safety approaches him.

“We worked very quickly because being in a track area is a dangerous area to be in,” SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel said.

As the man continues to walk on the divider, the officer uses his taser on him. Maintaining his composure and balance however, the man continues walking on the divider despite being tased.

The video then shows the officer shoot the man with the taser a second time causing him to fall back onto the tracks.

Remaining on the ground the man begins kicking his legs as other officers try to control him.

The footage then shows man get up and run down the tracks.

Police say they were able to finally apprehend him and get him to ‘safety.’ He was taken to a nearby hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

SEPTA Police have launched an internal investigation to look at whether or not the correct protocol was followed by officers.

Local news coverage containing raw footage: