Video Shows Cop Push, Smack Teen Upside The Head For Not Moving


A short video clip posted to twitter shows a Richfield, Minnesota cop push and then smack a teenage boy upside his head for not immediately complying with orders to move.

Richfield police say the incident began with a report of a suspicious person at the Adams Hill Park at about 6:30 p.m. on Saturday. The department has offered no further details, but the teen that recorded the footage described what took place.

Mohamed Hayir says he was with a large group of friends in two cars that got pulled over by the unidentified officer while attempting to leave the park.

“The officer was getting really aggressive like he was about to do something,” Hayir said. “I was like I might as well record this just in case something does happen.”

The footage shows the officer getting upset with a teen identified by Hayir as Zack Farah, after telling him to “move along.” The cop can be seen pushing the boy first – but when the teen attempts to plead his case, the officer explodes.

“Were working right here, now fucking move!” the officer yells before smacking Farah in the head. “Move!”

Watch the raw footage:

“He did not disrespect him. You could hear everything in the video. He was being respectful,” Hayir said. “He was telling the officer his situation; he was telling him his brother is coming to get the car.”

“You don’t just yell at [someone], smack them, push them,” Hayir added. “That’s not the right way to do it and I think that’s just wrong.”

Farah is reportedly weighing his legal options for taking action against the officer.

Richfield police said in a statement on Monday that the department “will conduct a thorough investigation into th[e] matter, and will be transparent throughout the process.”

Officials say more information will be released about the incident when it becomes available.

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