Video Shows Cops Tase Unarmed Men Standing With Hands Up


Last month, cell-phone video was released of an incident showing Albany County, New York Sheriff’s Deputies tasing and detaining a group of three men after a traffic stop.

Now, dash-cam footage released by officials shows a different angle.

New Scotland resident Christopher Dimmitt, 22, was pulled over around 2:00 AM on June 21 by an Albany County Sheriff’s Deputy for speeding.

Being close to home, he and his two passengers pulled into his driveway and exit the vehicle before the situation escalates.

The footage shows the deputy, who said he was in fear because he was outnumbered, immediately draw his taser and demand the men get back into the vehicle.

“I am not a threat, this is my house, I am home.” Dimmitt says.

The footage shows the three men argue non-threateningly with the officers in the rain until backup arrives

With numbers now on their side, the officers proceed to tase and assault the men.

“Get on the ground,” the deputy shouts before he tases Dimmmitt who drops to the pavement. The officer can then be seen kicking him while he is down.

Other officers then proceed to detain the other men.

Watch the raw footage:

Dimmitt was arrested and charged with Speeding, DUI, and Resisting Arrest. He made his first appearance in New Scotland Town Court on July 16.

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office determined in an internal review last month that the officers use of force in the incident was “within agency standards and guidelines.”

The officers involved have received no disciplinary action.