Video Shows High-School Resource Officer Tackle Teen


Video has emerged showing a Ohio resource officer tackle a 16-year-old Mentor highschool student to the ground after attempting to confiscate his electronic vaping device.

The boy’s mother, Alicia Craft said the officer told her son, James, to hand over a vapor pen Tuesday afternoon. When he would not comply, the altercation began.

“Only thing I see, you know, is y’all got my son on the ground,” Craft said. “So I’m devastated behind that, and I’m not going to let him go back to school.”

Mentor Police say the teen had been “verbally abusive and physically defiant,” as he attempted to push his way past the officer to board a school bus.

He was charged with persistent disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and a tobacco violation. The investigation was sent to the Lake County Juvenile Court for a hearing date to be scheduled.

James contends the school rule prohibits “e-cigarettes” only and not vaping devices that dont necessarily contain nicotine.

“I’m like quit pushing me, that’s disrespectful,” James said. “I couldn’t do anything. I was trying to tell the principal to get him off me, but he wouldn’t listen.”

Alicia Craft told local reporters that her son was never charged, but did receive a 10-day suspension. Mentor Public Schools disputes her claim, saying he was not suspended.

The Mentor Police Department says it is reviewing the incident and that the unidentified officer involved will be reassigned during the investigation.

Local news coverage containing raw footage: