Video Shows Maryland Officers Tase, Beat, Spray Man In McDonalds


In a filmed incident commended by a Maryland police chief for officers “exercising extreme restraint,” a man alleged to be under the influence of PCP is seen being tased, beaten with a baton, and maced at a McDonald’s restaurant in Prince George’s County.

Police say officers were responding to calls about a man who had torn off his shirt, appeared to be hallucinating, was arguing with and talking to himself, and throwing chairs.

The video, which was posted on social media Friday, shows one officer telling the unidentified man to “get on the ground” before he paces around the restaurant and a taser is deployed having little affect.

After other officers respond on the scene, a baton is used on the man as the officer strikes him about the back and leg while again telling him to “get down on the ground.”

The footage shows the man continuing to allude the officer before another cop can be seen running up behind him and knocking him to the ground.

The man returns to his feet after officers seemingly appear uninterested in handcuffing him so another taser strike is deployed, hitting the man as he backs out of the restaurant.

Again the man lies on the ground and officers refuse to attempt to handcuff him as one onlooker can be heard on the footage saying “he got everything he deserved.”

The officers allow the man to return to his feet before kicking him and pepper-spraying him in the face numerous times. The man is then tased once more and hits the ground and officers wrestle around with him and finally detain him.

Watch the raw footage:

So what do you think of the video? Most of the witnesses appear to think that the officers use of force was necessary but one can’t help but notice the cops had opportunity after opportunity to handcuff the man and end the incident, but instead, repeatedly allowed him to return to his feet.

Riverdale Park police chief David Morris said that the fact that several tactics used by the officers failed to subdue the man, meant he was probably under the influence of PCP – though what if any drugs were in the mans system have not yet been determined.

“They are oblivious to pain, hence the superhuman strength,” Morris said. “We are seeing a resurgence of this [PCP use] and with that resurgence a level of violence and resistance by the individuals that are using it.”

Morris said that if the officers would have used a hands-on approach, it would have resulted in a wrestling match with the officer’s weapons in close proximity to the man.

“They used less lethal force to try to take this guy into custody,” Morris said. “[Getting] him to the hospital arguably saved his life.”

Police say no injuries were sustained by the officer or the customers in the McDonald’s.

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