Video Shows Off-Duty Cop Flip Her Wig When Truck Is Towed


Video has emerged showing an off-duty Florida sheriff’s deputy completely flip her wig after a tow truck driver removed her illegally parked truck.

According to reports, Orange County sheriff’s deputy Tracy Weiss had parked her personal vehicle in a manner which was blocking a sidewalk used by senior citizens with wheelchairs at the Starlight Ranch Retirement Community.

The vehicle was reported and Weiss is said to have jumped into another vehicle before driving the wrong direction down a one-way-street in order to block the tow truck as it was leaving.

The tow truck driver said when Weiss exited the vehicle, she had her gun drawn, so he pulled out his camera phone and began recording. The footage shows the belligerent cop demand special treatment, asserting that she should be exempt from ordinary standards.

“I’m a cop. Drop my truck,” Weiss is heard yelling.

“You need to put your gun away,” the driver says.

“You see a gun?” Weiss asks as if she just didn’t have one drawn. “Call 911, I’ve already called them. The cops are coming.”

“Yes. It’s in your pocket,” the driver says.

“I am a cop,” Weiss yells. “You’re going to fucking jail for stealing my car.”

“I’m not going to jail,” the driver asserts.

“Whatever,” Weiss says, and then angrily storms off to wait for back up.

Watch the raw footage:

John Cowie, manager of the tow company that removed Weiss’ vehicle, said the off-duty deputy would have only faced a $62.50 fee to retrieve her truck, but the price was doubled because the driver was held up for more than 15 minutes during the argument.

“Nobody likes to get towed — we understand that, it happens,” Cowie said. “But if you’re getting towed, just pay the drop fee and move on.”

Cowie said his driver would have probably just given Weiss her truck back if she had acted sensibly but now, the incident is reportedly under an internal investigation by the Orange County sheriff’s office.

Its not clear which policies Weiss is accused of violating but she was suspended for a similar incident in 2008 for violating the department’s use of authority policy and acting inappropriately in a business arrangement.

An 11-year veteran, Weiss has currently been reassigned away from her regular position at the sheriff’s office. Police say there wont be a full report on the incident until their investigation is complete.

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