Video Shows Officer Tase Bystander Protesting Assault On Naked Woman


Video has surfaced showing a police officer in Denton Texas tase a bystander as he protests the treatment of a naked woman, who was being assaulted by two other officers Wendsday.

Police said they received reports of a naked woman carrying a baby in the back lot of the Studio 6 motel at 700 Fort Worth Drive at 3:54 p.m. – before three officers located the woman on a second-floor balcony.

The woman was wrapped in a blanket and a man was holding the baby, police said, but officers then attempted to detain the woman for a psychological evaluation.

Police reports said as officers tried to handcuff her, she started to resist.

As two officers were attempting to gain control of the woman, the man, identified as 26-year-old Marcus Coleman, handed the baby to another person and tried to “interfere,” police said.

Video footage recorded from the scene shows Coleman pleading with the officers who are seen wrestling the woman to the ground as she screams for help.

“Look at that shit, common man,” he can be heard saying. “She needs help.”

The third officer at the scene points a taser at the man and tells the him to “get back.”

Police said Coleman ignored the officer’s orders and tried to push past him to get to the other two officers and the woman, but the recorded footage arguably appears to show no such advance.

Watch the raw footage:

“After attempting to get past the officer, a taser was deployed, bringing Coleman to the ground,” a police release said.

A Denton police spokesman said the woman was taken to a hospital for a psychological evaluation and Coleman was arrested and jailed on a charge of “interfering with public duties.”

Medics on the scene reportedly checked the infant and another 3-year-old child that was inside the hotel room for injuries and found none.

Police are expected to release body-cam footage of the events leading up to the assault and tasing on Thursday. That footage will be posted below upon its release.

It appears at this point that the children were not kidnapped by officers as a result of the incident.

Update: Police body-cam footage released:

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    There was no need for that officer to tase that man! He didn’t even go near the officer the officer went towards the young man but yet kept yelling get back to the young man, even tho the officer kept getting close to the man. No need for that at all.