Video Shows Officers Crash Pool Party, Wrestle Bikini-Clad Teen To Ground


An unidentified McKinney, Texas police officer was suspended after a video emerged showing him curse, shove, and intimidate teenagers at a pool party Friday.

According to the person who shot the video, police broke up the party at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool, following a fight.

Police say they an initial caller reported a disturbance Friday at about 7:15 p.m. before several other callers called to report teens actively fighting near the pool.

Nine McKinney police units were sent to the scene.

The footage shows responding officers curse at and handcuff several party attendees before one officer can be seen shoving and wrestling a bikini clad young girl to the ground as she screams.

Bystanders surround the assailant as he brutalizes the young woman but flee when the officer pulls his weapon and starts after them.

After returning to the girl, the officer shouts, “on your face,” before shoving the girls head into the ground. The officer then proceeds to sit on the girls back for an extended period of time.

Watch the raw footage:

Police say multiple people in the vicinity of the pool did not have permission to be there and refused obey police commands, but that the officers actions “raised concerns.”

Police say they only learned about the video after it was posted online Saturday.

The unidentified McKinney police officer has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation, police spokesperson Sabrina Boston said.

It is not yet clear if any arrests were made in the incident.