Video Shows Police Shoot Man Perched Atop Lumber Pile – Family Says Unarmed


Cell phone video has emerged capturing a police killing in a Lakewood, Washington lumber yard Tuesday.

The incident began after a suspicious person was reported at Pinnacle Lumber & Plywood in the 3600 block of 108th Street SW.

Several callers reported seeing a man running before he climbed a fence into the lumberyard, prompting employees to call 911.

The short video shows a Lakewood police officer pointing his gun at 37-year-old Tacoma resident Daniel Corarrubias as he hides, perched in a stack of lumber about 20 feet off the ground.

Seemingly unprovoked, the officer fires multiple shots at Corarrubias.

Watch the raw footage:

Officers claim Corarrubias reach into his pocket and they feared he had a weapon. The department is refusing to divulge whether the man had a weapon or not, which usually means there was none.

Corarrubias’ grieving family says the man had just left St. Clare Hospital and was suffering from hallucinations.

“He was shot and murdered in broad daylight by the police,” said sister Lanna Corarrubias. ” I just can’t believe my brother is another statistic. I know he didn’t have a weapon. I want to ask police why? Why? Why they just didn’t shoot him in the arm, shoot him in the leg, maim him or something. Not murder my brother.”

Family members say Corarrubias was a devoted father of seven children and was studying to become a certified mechanic. But he also struggled for years with drug addiction that sometimes triggered mental problems.

Lanna believes her brother may have been experiencing the effects of pain medication he recently started taking for a broken collar bone and other injuries from a moped accident.

At least six shots can be heard on the video but witnesses contend more than 10 were fired with the bullets striking Corarrubias’ head and torso before he dropped to the ground.

Lakewood Police are refusing to release any details of the shooting while it’s under investigation. The unidentified officer involved has been placed on administrative leave.

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