Lake County Sheriffs Deputy Matthew Donnelly

Woman Testifies Cop Raped Her, Threatened To Arrest Boyfriend If She Told


A Florida woman said in court Tuesday that a Lake County Sheriffs Deputy raped her before threatening to arrest her boyfriend if she talked about it.

The unidentified 26-year-old victim sobbed as she told the court that her boyfriend had flagged down Sheriffs Deputy Matthew Vernon Donnelly because she appeared to be unresponsive after a night of drinking on New Year’s Eve.

The woman said, in a complaint filed earlier this year, that she woke up to find Donnelly standing beside her SUV, and her boyfriend had been placed in the deputy’s cruiser.

The woman testified that Donnelly groped her through the window, and used his hand to rape her gentiles. She said the deputy promised not to take her boyfriend to jail if she did not report it.

A sexual assault examination later revealed that the woman had suffered vaginal tearing.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirmed the woman’s DNA was found in Donnelly’s patrol car in three place: the steering wheel, the gear-shifter knob and the officer’s flashlight – in other words, every where his hand touched.

Investigators also say Donnelly’s dashcam failed to record for 22 minutes during the traffic stop.

Donnelly, an 11-year veteran of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, is reportedly in the process of being fired, police say.

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  • Matthew Arntzen

    In the process of getting fired? This pig (and there is a difference between a pig and a police officer!) needs to be in general population and have the snitch informed that he is a rapist. Between being a pig in prison and the fact that he’s a rapist (and none of that alleged crap – he’s guilty!) the prison population will take care of everything else! Has to rape a woman? Please don’t use the word man and him in the same sentence. He is barely a boy.