Jianqing Klyzek

“You’re not a f***ing American”: Controversial Chicago Salon Raid Finally Ends in $150k Pay Out


A federal lawsuit brought by a woman who was hit, threatened, and berated by Chicago police during a July, 2013 raid at a North Side tanning salon, is expected to receive $150,000 as part of a city settlement.

Jianqing Klyzek, who is better know as Jessica, sued 10 Chicago police officers in May, and now the city has decided to quickly settle the case in light of recently released surveillance footage

“[The surveillance footage contains] comments from police that we believe could inflame a jury” and lead to a considerably larger judgment, Leslie Darling, first deputy corporation counsel for the city Law Department, said.

Copper Tan and Spa was raided by Police in the Noble Square neighborhood after an undercover officer was allegedly offered sex for money. Surveillance footage from inside the business shows a handcuffed Klyzek on her knees within seconds of the officers entering. The footage showes an officer standing behind the petite woman slapping her in the head while another threatens to hit her with a Taser “10 f***ing times.”

Another officer then gets in her face and begins to shout at her. “You’re not a f***ing American,” the officer yells. “I’ll put you in a UPS box and send you back to wherever the f*** you came from!”

Watch the raw footage:

Police officers can be seen in the footage searching for the surveillance tape, but they were unsuccessful because it was recorded off-site, according to the federal lawsuit Klyzek filed accusing the Chicago Police Department and the officers of brutality and a hate crime.

Torreya Hamilton, Klyzek’s attorney, said her client is satisfied with the settlement. For Klyzek, an American citizen who emigrated from China, the money wasn’t of paramount importance, Hamilton said.

“It was about asserting her rights, as a valuable, contributing citizen,” Hamilton said. “In the video you can hear her saying ‘I’m a citizen, I have rights,’ and that’s what this was about to her.”

One of the officers who took part in the raid, Frank Messina, was relieved of his police powers in May when the surveillance video that came to light showed him striking Klyzek. Messina remains on desk duty as the Independent Police Review Authority continues to look into the incident.

Police State Daily requests made to the Chicago Police Department for comment, were denied.

  • David Taylor

    She should have held out for a jury trial.

    • DeekS

      I know right? They basically admitted that they are paying out because they would pay out more at trial… I wouldn’t take it. Take their ass to trial!

      …. then I realize that its just tax payer money that is being paid out here…:( the system is no fucked…

      • David Taylor

        As a taxpayer, I am fine with my taxes being paid for such purposes because it will drive accountability. When we the people have enough of it, we’ll start requiring police to have malpractice insurance like doctors – and remove the shield of immunity.

        • Robert Johnson

          Until then, better to take the money from the police pension fund.

        • pax

          Umm, nope, statistics don’t support your claim:

          “In theory, the cost of these lawsuits are supposed to inspire better oversight, better government, and better policing,” says notable author, Washington Post columnist, and police brutality critic Radley Balko.
          “When taxpayers see their hard-earned money spent to compensate victims
          of police misconduct, they vote for political leaders who will hold
          cops more accountable. Or at least that’s the theory. I’m not sure how
          effective that is. I’ve seen little evidence that people generally vote
          on these issues, even in municipal elections.”


        • Guest

          Tom • 2 hours ago
          1. Require each person involved in police work to purchase a mandatory professional liability insurance policy.
          2. Determine how much government will have it’s insurance premiums reduced by shifting the liability to individual insurance policies, then give the police a one-time pay raise by the same amount divided amongst them; this way the shift in liability from government to individual is revenue-neutral to the taxpayers.
          3. As individual officers prove by their behavior on the job, their premiums will either go down because they can be trusted, or up because their insurance carrier cannot trust
          them, just like auto insurance rates for drivers who do or do not have accidents, DUI’s, or moving violations.
          4. Cops whose insurance premiums rise too high to be worth staying in the profession will voluntarily quit and find another line of work.
          Problem solved.

    • motorfingaz

      LMAO! The prosecutors are nazis too!

  • onestepforward

    “Police officers can be seen in the footage searching for the surveillance tape, but they were unsuccessful because it was recorded off-site”

    I bet they damn near had an heart attack when they couldn’t find the tape!

  • George

    The cops are correct she has no business being in this country.

    • Crazypants

      Very true, Immigrants don’t belong in the United States.
      *Looks at the history of the United States*
      Oh no wait, that’s the stupidest thing you could possibly say.